Shame and the Adopted Child

Shame is something that comes up often in my work as a therapist and particularly with clients whose lives are impacted by adoption. It is a fairly consistent backdrop to many of the problems that people seek counselling for. I know both personally and professionally that the experience of adoption and feelings of shame are [...]

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The new face of adoption

The upside of modern adoption practices After reading the Modern Adoptive Families Study (Brodzinsky & Goldberg, 2015), I was reminded how much adoption practices have changed since I was an infant needing a family in the early 1960's.  As an adopted person, I could not be more delighted to see the positive changes that time [...]

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Coming to terms with being adopted.

What helps and what does not. Our not for profit organization, We Are Adopted ( offers a monthly discussion and support group in Vancouver for adults age 18 and up. We are all adopted, some of us have also have experienced foster care, some have arrived in Canada from distant parts of the world, some [...]

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What is STRESS and why it matters

What is stress? Stress is defined as "any change you must adapt to", this includes both negative and positive change. Stress is something we all face: no matter who we are, or where we live. It is a function of being alive. There is no getting away from stress but this not entirely a bad [...]

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Manage your stress to prevent future cardiac illness

Stress is expressed primarily in two ways - through the body and through the mind. Identify the Physical & Emotional Symptoms of Stress: Physical  symptoms: muscle tension, sore neck, sore shoulders, sore back headaches, migraines high blood pressure backaches indigestion upset bowels (constipation, diarrhea) fatigue insomnia, sleeping difficulties weight gain or loss (N.B. these symptoms [...]

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