Health, Balance, Connection

Would you like freedom from persistent stress,
anxiety, panic, depression?
Would you like to enjoy wellbeing regardless of health challenges?
Would you like to feel more connected to yourself and to others?
Mindful and heartful therapy works with your whole self to increase your natural capacity for wellness, find release from symptoms of distress, restore balance in your life, and thrive in relationships.

Meet Catherine

Catherine Moore
M.A. Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC# 12959)

I believe that a natural state of wellness exists within each of us and that our body and mind naturally want to heal. In the healing process there is an opportunity to become our most deeply desired version of ourselves. Each of us has a unique life journey, and my goal as therapist is to accompany, guide and empower you to cultivate a self that is healthy, well balanced and connected.

Right now, as you search for professional support, you have already started moving towards healing and wellness. I think of it as honouring yourself.

My unique approach – heartful and mindful therapy – works with all aspects of you: your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physiology, to restore healthy balance, integration and connection in body and mind.

In my practice I strive to hold a safe, confidential space to meet each person I work with, accepting where you are in this moment, without judgment and with compassion for our shared human experience.

People of all ages and demographics come to my practice because stress, health issues, family disruptions and trauma affect most of us at some time in our lives.




Relational Somatic therapy helps to release trauma imprints which frees up the nervous system, bringing wellness, balance and connection.



Relational somatic therapy is ideal for working with attachment and relational wounding that is in the territory of adoption and disrupted relational imprints.

Connections: Stories of Adoption and Reunion

By Catherine Moore

This collection of adoption and reunion stories weaves the personal perspectives of birth mothers, adopted adults and adoptive parents together to reveal an intimate glimpse into this unique dimension of human experience.