My Philosophy and Professional training:

I hold a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and have been trained to use the tools of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness Based Therapy, both research based, scientifically proven methods to make positive life changes. My belief is that while life will inevitably present us with challenges and problems to solve, life is also too short not to solve them successfully. I can help you harness the power of your mind and body to restore balance back to your life and find solutions to help you deal with whatever circumstances life has brought you.

Life is an ever changing journey of ups and downs, and all of us sometimes need the assistance of a supportive, non-judgmental perspective as well as new strategies and tools to solve the problems we face. That is what I offer you. I have helped many individuals and families as they navigate challenges and significant life transitions, both in my private practice at North Shore Heart & Mind, and ias part of the integrated health care team at the Lion’s Gate Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic.

Health and wellness of the mind and body, in particular, the impact and management of stress, coping with illness, pain and chronic conditions, and adjusting to life transitions are some of my main areas of interest and expertise.

My other significant area of professional practice is adoption and assisted reproduction. As the co-founder and director of We Are Adopted / Adoptees Association, a non-profit organization that represents adopted people and works with the larger adoption community, I have many years experience counselling and working in the field of adoption, and helping people navigate the difficult experience of infertility and the challenges of assisted reproduction.