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Shame and the Adopted Child

Shame is something that comes up often in my work as a therapist and particularly with clients whose lives are impacted by adoption. It is a fairly consistent backdrop to many of the problems that people seek counselling for. I know both personally and professionally that the experience of adoption and feelings of shame are [...]

Shame and the Adopted Child2017-10-20T23:30:19+00:00

Manage your stress to prevent future cardiac illness

Stress is expressed primarily in two ways - through the body and through the mind. Identify the Physical & Emotional Symptoms of Stress: Physical  symptoms: muscle tension, sore neck, sore shoulders, sore back headaches, migraines high blood pressure backaches indigestion upset bowels (constipation, diarrhea) fatigue insomnia, sleeping difficulties weight gain or loss (N.B. these symptoms [...]

Manage your stress to prevent future cardiac illness2016-04-16T22:57:32+00:00