Life Transitions

Life Transitions2016-06-10T20:22:05+00:00

Change is the one thing we can count on in life. Almost everyone prefers to choose change rather than have it forced upon them, but however it comes about, significant change in our lives creates stress, emotional upheaval and discomfort. Whatever the transition you are facing – marriage, divorce, loss, grief, bereavement, parenting, adoption, navigating adolescence, entering adulthood, middle age or becoming an elder, experiencing retirement, menopause, health issues, identity and role shifts – it can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Let me help you make sense of and navigate the complexities and difficulties you may be facing as you adjust to a new reality. Many years of professional training and experience allow me to offer you practical skills and knowledge to help you manage stress effectively, gain control over the negative impact of events, and transform the process of change into an empowering experience of personal development and growth. Let me show you how to gain mastery of your life – whatever happens next.